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Volume 18
Number 4


Editor’s Comment


Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace,
good will toward men. - Luke 2:14

Christmas: A Time to Reflect on the Eternal in an Increasingly Troubled World

Our society is sharply divided at the present time over a host of contentious issues, from the question of how the police interact with minority communities, to immigration, to the growing conflict in the Middle East. Political partisanship often replaces a concern for the future of the country, as jockeying for power replaces any larger notion of public service. If we were ever in need of the message of Christmas, of a focus upon the eternal, of peace and good will, now is certainly such a time. The kind of Christmas we need, of course, is not the extravaganza of shopping on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and newspapers telling us each day how much money was spent the day before. This is a caricature of Christmas and it may tell us a great deal about the condition of our society that so many have embraced it with enthusiasm. Christmas, of course, is many things. It is a season of celebration and family reunion, of merriment and good cheer. More than this, however, it is a time for contemplation of the meaning of

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  • The Link5
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  • If Freedom is Diminished9
  • Free Speech11
  • Philip M. Crane13

life -- and of our own lives -- and of seeking our answer to the question of what God expects of us. Even many who proclaim themselves to be Christian fail to understand that the views of man and the world set forth by Jesus -- and the one which dominates in the modern world -- are contradictory. This

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