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A Message from President Jay Parker

National Advisory Board

The Lincoln Institute for Research and Education was founded in 1978 to study public policy issues that impact the lives of black middle America, and to make its findings available to elected officials and the public.

Black middle America's interest in the future well-being of the United States equals that of white middle America.  Inflation, education, national defense, criminal justice, health, culture, unemployment, welfare and taxes are of equal concern to all Americans.

The Institute aims to re-evaluate those theories and programs of the past decades which were highly touted when introduced, but have failed to fulfill the claims represented by their sponsors and in many cases, have been harmful to the long-range interest of blacks.  The Institute is dedicated to seeking ways to improve the standard of living, the quality of life and the freedom of all Americans.

By sponsoring and co-sponsoring conferences, symposia, and seminars on current topics, the Institute will demonstrate the futility of dwelling only on the differences instead of the many similarities that bind America's black minority to its white majority, making them all citizens of one nation with one national destiny.

The Institute, through a comprehensive research and education program, transmits pro-private enterprise views on vital public policy issues to policy makers at the local, state and federal levels.

The Institute believes that the American economy must grow at a strong and steady pace and that we must maintain a strong national defense.



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